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December 2018
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 Hand Held Weapons

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Bladen Cortec

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PostSubject: Hand Held Weapons    Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:52 am

Weapons used by a single individual are extremely common in the Universe, and they are pretty much a necessity for most in space-faring occupations. Below are some of those weapons ranging from the most common to the most rare.

GUNPOWDER WEAPONS are archaic firearms still in use by the civilian population of many planets. These weapons utilize black powder or other such explosives to propel a projectile through a barrel. These barrels are typically rifled to increase accuracy. Gunpowder weapons are used mainly for hunting or self defense and have little to no effectiveness against modern anti-ballistic armor.

LASER WEAPONS are another common type of weapon in use in the Felverse. These also are typically owned by civilians or police forces and they feature pretty good penetrating power against ballistics armor and can severely burn the target. Included in this classification are Photon Maser or Phasers which utilize a concentrated blast of photons (not light) much like a projectile of energy. Depending on the concentration of energy, these weapons can stun, incapacitate, or kill, which makes them popular with police forces.

GAUSS WEAPONS or Magnetic Coil Weapons are the logical development of the Magnetic Railgun. These weapons utilize magnetic coils to accelerate an iron slug down a barrel at extreme velocities. These weapons have a large power draw, necessitating either a very advanced method of drawing power from the environment or an energy pack to be carried by the user. Their coils also make them very bulky and heavy. However, their damage is substantial among small arms. These weapons can pierce most anti-ballistic armors.

PLASMA WEAPONS utilize a projectile of superheated gas. These are also common military weapons prized for their armor-melting capabilities. Plasma weapons can incinerate unarmored combatants and cook armored combatants in their suits. However, these weapons have several drawbacks. They overheat quickly, they have a high power draw, although not as high as that of a magnetic coil gun, and these guns can catastrophically malfunction causing injury or death to the user.

SONIC WEAPONS are weapons that fire a concentrated beam of soundwaves. Typically non-lethal, these are heavy weapons used primarily by police and security forces to incapacitate enemies.

PSYCHIC WEAPONS are weapons that are designed specifically to target the mind. These are some of the most insidious devices devised by intelligent life and can scramble brainwaves and completely fry most human and extra-terrestrial brains. These fearsome weapons are banned in accordance with the Unity's laws against weapons of a particularly inhumane nature.

ANTIMATTER WEAPONS are the grandfathers of all handheld weapons, with the destructive capability to blow up large buildings. Antimatter weapons typically feature a conventional rocket launcher with a vacuum-sealed warhead containing therein several anti-nuclei. When the anti-nucleus makes contact with normal matter it triggers a violent explosion capable of destroying any form of matter. These weapons are only used solely by the military and only in dire circumstances.

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Hand Held Weapons
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