There is no greater power then the will of a man who has nothing left to loose...
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December 2018
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Bladen Cortec

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Character sheet
Name: Bladen Cortec
Race/Species: A.T.O.M.
Profession: Mercenary, rebel Atom.

PostSubject: Human   Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:28 am


Main trait: Adaptable
Life span: 80-100 years
Average Height: 5'0"-6'0"
Average Weight: 100-200 lbs
World of Origin: Earth
Species Class: Three

Humans in Felverse are widespread, can be found in most regions of the known galaxy... In general, they are fierce and disagreeable, which can sometimes lead certain other alien races to view them with contempt. They are renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specialization, they can excel in many areas. Eight-hundred years after breaking the bonds of their home world & humans have been undeniably successful. While hardly the only dominant race in their sector of the galaxy, humans are one of them and the most recent to obtain dominance. In spite of this strength, or perhaps because of it, humanity is an eternally fractured and divided race, broken up into dozens of corporations, guilds and rogue factions. It is believed that this is in part because humanity had developed on a planet (Earth) that was purposefully isolated from the majority of the space faring races/civilizations currently residing within their galaxy. Forced to turn their warrior instinct against each other.

The Human mind is a strange amalgam of nostalgia and futurism, being enamored of past glories and wistfully remembered “golden ages”, yet at the same time quick to discard tradition and history and strike off into new ventures. Relics of the past are kept as prized antiques and museum pieces, as humans love to collect things—not only inanimate relics but also living creatures—to display for their amusement or to serve by their side. Other races suggest this behavior is due to a deep-rooted urge to dominate and assert power in the human psyche, an urge to take, till, or tame the wild things and places of the world. Those with a more charitable view believe humans are simply collectors of experiences, and the things they take and keep, whether living, dead, or never alive, are just tokens to remind themselves of the places they have gone, the things they have seen, and the deeds they have accomplished.

Humans are fecund, and their drive and numbers often spur them into contact with other races during bouts of territorial expansion and colonization. In many cases, this tendency leads to violence and war, yet humans are also swift to forgive and forge alliances with races who do not try to match or exceed them in violence. Proud, sometimes to the point of arrogance, humans might look upon other alien races as monstrous, or simply different. The race's diversity among its own members however, also makes many humans quite adept at accepting others for what they are.

Human society throughout their history seems to be in a state of constant flux as empires fragment and new factions subsume the old. In general, humans are known for their flexibility, ingenuity, and ambition. Other races sometimes envy humans their seemingly limitless adaptability, not so much biologically speaking but in their willingness to step beyond the known and press on to whatever might await them. While many or even most humans as individuals are content to stay within their comfortable routine, there is a dauntless spirit of discovery endemic to humans as a species that drives them in striving toward possibilities beyond every horizon.

During their rise to become an inter-stellar species, humanity embarked on several wars with the Shade. No one knows how or why, but after a century of conflict with man-kind, The Shade went into hiding. Retreating to the infinite void of space, avoiding the human race at every turn. There are dozens of theories as to why the Shade aloud man-kind to rise to power. But that is all they are, theories...
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