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December 2018
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 Common Starship Weaponry

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Bladen Cortec

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PostSubject: Common Starship Weaponry   Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:19 pm


Mega = Utter annihilation, incredibly circumstantial and dangerous in use.
Heavy = Lots of damage, low rate of fire.
Medium = Moderate damage, moderate rate of fire.
Light = Low damage, high rate of fire.
Projectile = Can only be blocked by a deflector shield.
Energy = Can only be blocked by an energy barrier.

Primary Weapons

-Forward Gauss Cannon: Fires massive rounds at .25 lightspeed, making a massive impact. Function: Cripple and destroy large-medium ships. Heavy Projectile Weapon. Minimal power draw.

-Gamma Pulse Cannon: Located underneath the FGC, it fires a massive burst of gamma rays at a target. Function: Destroy a target's energy barrier. Usually successful after four or five hits. Heavy Energy Weapon. High power draw.

-Forward Infrared Beam Cannons: Cannons usually located high to starboard and port. Obviously facing fore. Fire a continuous stream of infrared light, or heat. Must be given breaks periodically to cool off. Function: Whittle down and melt the hull of an enemy ship. Medium Energy Weapon. Medium power draw.

-Scatter Missiles: Missiles that separate into several when close to the target and explode upon impact. Computer-guided. Function: overload a ship's deflector shields. If shields are already down, then it is used to destroy the engines. May take several hits to take down a shield. Used when a broadside is not available. Light Projectile Weapon. Minimal power draw.

Secondary Weapons

-Broadside Gauss Cannons: Numerable cannons starboard and port. A clever fail safe in the case of outflanking. Function: Destroy an enemy ship's deflector shields or otherwise damage them in several locations at once. Usually can take down a deflector shield in one to two hits. Medium Projectile Weapon. Minimal power draw.

-Forward Plasma Torpedoes: Straight-line ordinance filled with plasma. Function: Melt the target's hull. Used when FIC is nonfunctional or against stationary targets. Medium Projectile Weapon. Minimal power draw.

-Nuclear Missiles: Although crude, these things are cheap to make and have multiple uses. Function: Mostly used to scramble a target's communications, but can also overload an energy barrier and do significant structural damage. Medium Projectile Weapon. Minimal power draw.

Space-Ground Weapons

-Thor Cannon: Huge multi-spectrum cannon that reaps havoc where it strikes, turning dirt into molten rock instantly. Will go through almost any shield within seconds. Located under the ship. Function: Melt any structures and incinerate any people on the ground. Also sometimes used as a clever way of destroying ships at close range. Mega Energy Weapon Maximum power draw.

-Antimatter Bombs: The most dangerous weapon aboard any warship, these things will make massive craters and can take out entire multi-city colonies in one blow. Combined with Thor, it can blow up objects the size of pluto. Typically located under the ship. Function: Obliterate said target. Mega Projectile Weapon. Moderate power draw.

-Space-Ground Gauss Artillery: Slightly smaller than the broadsides, this is capable of highly accurate, but slow, shots. Also can fire less accurate shots and level a city within minutes. Function: Precision strikes or area-hammering. Medium Projectile Weapon. Minimal power draw.

Close-Range Weapons

-Energy Burst: Redirects almost all power into making a massive burst of energy that will penetrate known possible shield. Will then continue on and overload all systems aboard a ship, causing it to self-destruct completely within seconds after a lesser explosion from the power source. Mega Energy Weapon. Maximum power draw.
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Common Starship Weaponry
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